The muse of downfall

Your hands are shaking,
League of terror in your had,
You see what you can´t touch,
Codex with no words in it.

Drink your hell,
From bottle with ear,
With button and tear,
And hole in throat of lyre.

Union is born,
Crow in yellow dress and deer of shadow coat,
Terror of freedom,
Hearth in your arrow.

It´s object you can´t touch,
Something you can’t see,
It´s like drawer in the book,
Taste you can’t pick.

Gentle breath of yours,
Ice cold as power,
Nothing is everything,
You are the one in glass for your brother.


Sorry for not uploading yesterday, we got bit of a tribute for Stan Lee who passed away last morning. He was an amazing artist and great person, he made our Marvel movies experiences a little more exciting, he made our childhood fully happy. Rest in peace, we will always remember you as our hero and master of all Cameos. We will continue your legacy and never forget. 😥😥

League of silence

Deep down in the woods,
Darkest place lands,
Where you want to stay away,
The man you seek here stands.

This loose end,
These ends of terror,
Begins and ends with confusion and errors.

The earth covered with souls,
Waves of anger and peace,
The man in the wind coat,
Waiting for sin to be seen.

They are sitting over table,
Singing its novelly songs,
The thought that gave you label,
Where you think you belong.

And now the time is here,
And everywhere you go,
The song of silence you seek,
Will find your very soul.

Fallen tree

The place in darkest woods,
Where night comes first,
The place where hidden is truth,
Where your thoughts are lost.

The peace of silence,
Comes along the wind,
Where words are unspoken,
Peace becomes a sin.

The place of balance,
The truth and lies are one,
Where they are saying,
There can be only one.

The place in darkness,
Losing its meaning,
This place where ardency is pride,
And health is flourishing.

The place under the trees,
Separates its sides,
The place of silence,
Have its mystery lands.